How to Use TikTok As an Educational Tool

TikTok one of the most widely used social media app designed for children generations , has become more widely used. The app is popular with adult users who appreciate short-form videos. It can also be utilized for learning purposes, as educators can make use of it to develop educational content. There is a lot of confusion about how to use TikTok to teach students.

In the case of Tiktok, it can help make your essay longer

If you’re struggling to write your paper, you might want to try making your writing longer by using TikTok words. You can make short videos which will improve your writing skills while looking more sophisticated. Numerous students have been telling the world about these strategies in recent weeks, while some have been sending them to their parents.

In most cases expanding the words quantity of your paper is an effective way of increasing the length of your essay, without having to repeat too much of what you’ve written previously. Remember that essay teachers are able to spot any fluff. This is why it’s essential to concentrate more on quality than quantities. Take a look at essay or prompts from multiple perspectives, to improve the quality of your essay.

More evidence is needed

Adding more evidence to your essay can enhance its persuasiveness. You can do this by making reference to other elements within the essay. Make sure you outline each detail and provide supporting information. Anticipating opposing arguments is important too. When you write a persuasive essay, it is essential to anticipate the points you will make and provide evidence for each one.

Use transition words

Within your writing, transition words establish the relationship between the different sentences or paragraphs. They can improve the essay’s flow and create a context between points. Here are a few examples of how you can use phrases that transition: – The patient’s care is closely followed with charting. – After patient care the charting process is then followed by the process of charting.

Learn the significance of the words used to transition. The goal of these words is to sew to write pieces, creating cohesion and consistency. You can get guidance in choosing the proper word or phrase. An alphabet of transition words may be useful to make your essay more organized.

Use a thesaurus

A thesaurus can be an extremely useful tool for writing. It can help you discover the synonyms to words that you frequently utilize and help identify the perfect word to describe an concept. Although many students feel that having a thesaurus can make them seem pretentious, this is an untruth.

Thesauruses can help you change tone and nuance. For example, a word such as prosaic can give your writing an academic feel however vanilla tends to be more formal and more conversational. It is important to remember that some terms may be better for certain types of audiences than others.

Avoid repetition

Beware of repetition in essays. Repetition can be distracting and may affect the pleasure in reading your essay. Utilize the Find feature of an word processor to prevent repeated the same words. It can assist you to identify the words or phrases that you’ve been repeatedly repeating.

Thesaurus is a different method to avoid repetition. This will allow you to use words that are commonly used in conjunction with synonyms. Grammar checkers often contain a built-in Thesaurus. Make sure not to utilize many synonyms. Use of thesaurus should be sparing and limited.

Rewriting sentences can help you to avoid repetition of the same sentence time and again. The idea is to eliminate repetition, and add dynamic rhythm into your written work. Writing will be more enjoyable to take in. The more repetitive words you eliminate, the better your writing will appear.

Another good way to avoid repetition is to employ pronouns. Pronouns are used as means of referring to distinct people. You can utilize them for a few occasions if it fits the context. Pronouns can be used when needed, but do not overly happy to be able to claim that you are. It’s also a good suggestion to read your work in a loud voice to ensure there is a natural flow of thoughts throughout. Additionally, look out for any repetitions while proofreading.

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