What Is Application Management Outsourcing Amo?

Examples of maintenance include regulatory changes, software upgrades, new release installations and “fix it if it breaks” troubleshooting. AMO may involve the transfer of people and application software to the vendor. At Cerulean Infotech, we have an established track record of managing and future-proofing mission-critical applications for our clients. Our application management and maintenance processes ensure that your systems are flexible and evolve with your business.

applications management outsourcing

Tasks like support assurance, scaling, performance handling, resource allocation, cybersecurity research and eventual decommissioning all put pressure on a business, which is one reason why a firm might decide to utilize a third party for AMO. When you know that the average number of issues is usually low, incident-based pricing can work well for you. In this case, your payment bases on the amount of time a service vendor’s team spends on a task and its complexity. The challenge of such an approach consists in the proper evaluation of efforts that are required for problem resolution. Selective outsourcing, which means delegating to the vendor responsibility for a certain aspect of application management or a specific set of aspects . Our application modernization services powered by Red Hat help you execute a seamless migration and modernization to cloud that is secure, cost-effective and agile.

Helping Organizations Reduce The Time And Cost In Keeping Their Lights On And Instead Focus On Their Business

If these measures haven’t solved the problem, get a third-party assessment and renegotiate SLA or switch the vendor. A good outsourcing company should be able to deliver exactly as much as you need, without offering unnecessary services, as well as further scale the team and services up and down according to your needs. The modern market of AMO is well-developed and offers a wide range of pricing models. Nearshore – the vendor is placed in a neighboring country or at least within your time zone. Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends.

The challenge of this model lies in the definition of clear, traceable and mutually agreed SLOs and KPIs. But such cooperation can be vulnerable to communication problems, time zone differences, a language and a cultural gap as well as imply legal issues. Transform application management by leveraging the power of AI and moving toward predictive application management. As a top-tier partner of AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud, we help migrate, build and manage each of your applications to your platform of choice. If the results are not satisfactory, find out whether it’s due to bad service quality or inappropriate service planning and responsibilities allocation and proceed with corrective measures accordingly. You can strengthen control over the outsourcing vendor or revise the reporting procedure.

The vendor not only provides tech services but also offers ideas and recommendations on beneficial optimization and evolution of the application according to new business requirements and helps to enable, structure and implement the right digital transformation initiatives. The ongoing maintenance, management, conversion, enhancement and support of an application portfolio by an external company. AMO, a subset of application outsourcing , includes changes that generally take less than some predefined time to implement (e.g., 10 days or 30 days).

Second, knowledge of languages and understanding the local specificity is important for the support of external users, as well as other vendors and partners. We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions. Application management outsourcing reflects a greater burden on companies to support proliferating applications in-house.

Equip your IT organization to adapt cloud applications to dynamic customer requirements, improve application security, and reduce time to market. Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Our integrated multicloud management platform offers a single-pane view, providing end-to-end visibility in the hybrid environment for better control over your business processes. In this post, we’ll reveal the important attributes of successful application management outsourcing , discuss what service and payment options businesses have today and what additional benefits they can expect.

applications management outsourcing

Third-party companies might help with software patches, version updates and even cost evaluations. Principle Info-Tech’s integrated delivery model is based on a well-orchestrated combination of off-shore, on-shore, and near-shore resources, and significantly reduces the complexity and risk of doing business in remote locations. At Principle Info-Tech, we believe that the success to any business is its cost effectiveness, enhanced quality and decrease in time-to-market. As your outsourcing partner, Principle Info-Tech brings world-class processes, global expertise in application development, and legacy of best practices to enhance the value of your application portfolio by helping you keep pace with business upgradation and technological change.

Value-based pricing is a relatively new approach to pricing but with a good tendency to become popular. For example, in the case of proactive monitoring activities, the outcome should be a definite decrease in the number of registered requests. With this pricing model, you considerably lower the risk of insufficient quality and not the fully covered scope of the service.

Application Outsourcing Services

Thus, from 3-week to 6-month time will be attributed to knowledge transfer and a deep technical dive of an outsourced team in general. When choosing an application management vendor, you’ll probably rely on the overall description and experience of the company. Yet, you never know whether the best or the worst of their employees will manage your applications. Take time to interview the people who’ll work on your project to assess their tech and soft skills, make sure they can quickly understand what and how you expect them to do. In the case of offshore outsourcing, check sufficient language proficiency and absence of a cultural barrier to avoid communication problems with the outsourced team.

A subscription fee allows you to feel confident about the IT budget as you can predict future spending quite precisely. However, if your system is not demanding in terms of management, you can end up with considerable overpaying. Mixed – for example, having customer operations onshore and the technical team placed offshore. Improving the quality of service (software availability, user experience, etc.). It’s easier to scale the outsourced team up and down in case the project scope increases or project pipeline extends. Reflecting changes in the environment e.g. change in tax laws, or new processes at the workplace, etc.


Application Management Outsourcing refers to outsourcing maintenance, management, and support services for an application to ensure it operates to the highest possible standards. Third-party companies may be hired to take over software updates, customer support, design and development of new app functionalities, cybersecurity maintenance, app scaling, and other tasks. It’s also important to establish a strict security policy, check if the vendor has experience with sensitive data, and review their practices of dealing with security challenges.

  • At Cerulean Infotech, we have an established track record of managing and future-proofing mission-critical applications for our clients.
  • For external applications, you may also monitor users’ comments on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • In practical terms, application management outsourcing can be part of a wide spectrum of outsourcing services that a company uses to create agile architectures.
  • Keep your applications healthy in a rational way with the help of ScienceSoft’s team.
  • Fast-track your hybrid cloud transformation to Microsoft Azure with security and confidence.
  • Principle Info-Tech offers its clients world-class application outsourcing services.
  • Our approach is aimed at ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our client’s business more competitive.

We work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap and ecosystem partnerships, combining our deep industry expertise with technology insights. Embed enterprise-level security and compliance practices for your applications and data to manage with confidence. Once you’ve switched to actual outsourcing, the highest priority is to make sure it works fine and reaches the appropriate quality level. In addition to analyzing metrics outlined in SLA, gather feedback from your end-users with the help of surveys embedded in applications or sent via email. For external applications, you may also monitor users’ comments on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

During this stage, you need to make sure that the outsourced application management team is easily reachable via all agreed means of communication, your employees and external users know how and where they can place their tickets and whom to contact in case of need. A vendor should be available via your preferred channel, be it email, instant messages, phone, specific ITSM tools like Jira, Zendesk, SolarWinds, BMC Helix, and ServiceNow, or – for external users – also CRM systems like Salesforce and Zoho. We start at the first level, i.e. corrective maintenance and over time evolve to the most advanced level, i.e. perfective maintenance. Our Maintenance methodology is backed by years of experience and our extensive knowledge base of technologies and domains. While we do this, we adhere to stringent Service Level Agreements and enable you to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for your applications.

Manage applications on IBM Cloud by integrating DevOps tooling and practices. With IBM Cloud Satellite, you can extend IBM Cloud to deploy and run apps consistently across on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments. IBM Services Dynamic Delivery™ integrates technology foundations with virtualized, agile methods and practices, enhanced with AI and automation. Another option is that an AMO provider can bill you at a fixed price on a monthly or annual basis.

You Transfer Responsibility And Get Started With Outsourcing

You can opt for engaging a dedicated team for application management and pay monthly an established sum to an AMO provider depending on the number of people you attract to this team. Compare your application development and management operations with industry benchmarks and peers. Interview the candidate team to assess tech, soft skills, and project management maturity.

Taking into account the size, age, complexity, workload, and criticality for the business of the apps the management of which you want to outsource, decide on the form of outsourcing you need and the key goals you expect to achieve. A designated person (CIO, operations manager, management of related non-IT department, etc.) should supervise the process on your side. E-Business delivers Application Outsourcing services that enable clients to create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs. We are involved in wide variety of application services including new development, legacy systems maintenance, offshore programming, and management of packaged applications.

Our management services deliver operational efficiencies that lower costs and implement intelligent business processes by integrating data, AI and advanced automation. Applications outsourcing is an outsourcing arrangement for a wide variety of application services including new development, legacy systems maintenance, offshore programming, management of packaged applications and staff augmentation. While this form of outsourcing generally involves a transfer of staff, the use of the term has recently broadened to include arrangements where this is not the case, as in staff augmentation.

Cloud native development means build once, iterate rapidly and deploy anywhere. Seize the full potential of Google Cloud Platform with artificial intelligence and improved resiliency. Provide comprehensive security measures to prevent confidentiality breaches and unauthorized applications management outsourcing system access. Techopedia™ is your go-to tech source for professional IT insight and inspiration. We aim to be a site that isn’t trying to be the first to break news stories, but instead help you better understand technology and — we hope — make better decisions as a result.

Therefore, it is imperative that the costs of IT management and application maintenance becomes more effective and efficient, thus providing clients the edge to compete. Also, check if your IT department stays in sync with the current state of outsourced applications and introduced changes. Timely and orderly reporting from a service provider is a major way to achieve this goal. As finding the right recipe of your application management can take some time and flexibility on both sides, running a service trial period can be a good idea.

What Does Application Management Outsourcing Amo Mean?

A service provider’s team will need time to study underlying IT infrastructure, code documentation, application requirements, and test results as well as learn the embedded application management processes and routines to start work. So, you should ensure the availability of up-to-date code and test documentation, technical specifications and business requirements. In case of their scarcity, let a vendor mine knowledge from code and application behavior as well as motivate employees in the know to share the application-related information they have.

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If the amendments to the service plan are required, get back to the previous stage and negotiate the terms of SOW and SLA documentation with new insights. In the documents, you need to develop clear definitions and a common understanding of the outsourcing process and its future progress. Define the metrics to quantify the service success and describe the way you’re going to track the service progress. The KPIs can include a definite application response time and a certain decrease in the number of registered incidents . Establish the amount of time for incidents to be handled and decide how problem escalation and incident prioritization will happen, how and when the incidents will be closed. To ensure immediate assistance, get a vendor who can adapt to round-the-clock support across various locations.

Application Management Outsourcing Entails Different Pricing Models

According to Statista, application management is currently one of the IT functions most attractive for outsourcing. The main reason for this is the possibility to significantly reduce the cost of application management https://globalcloudteam.com/ while improving its quality. Surveys of IT spend indicates that organizations spend up to 70% of their IT budget on non-discretionary costs – in other words, costs to maintain current IT functionality and operations.

Fast-track your hybrid cloud transformation to Microsoft Azure with security and confidence. App-owning companies use AMO to compensate for a lack of staff or reallocate in-house employees to new and growing projects. Keep your applications healthy in a rational way with the help of ScienceSoft’s team. Prepare for the appropriate transfer of knowledge, documentation, and practices. The in-house IT department can devote more time to the strategic development of the company’s IT environment. When you purchase this document, the purchase price can be applied to the cost of an annual subscription, giving you access to more research for your investment.

Steps Towards Application Management Outsourcing

Our approach is aimed at ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our client’s business more competitive. Principle Info-Tech offers its clients world-class application outsourcing services. Principle Info-Tech provides solutions that help reduce your IT costs, improve speed to market and lets you focus on your core business needs. IBM is a recognized leader in cloud application management services with the in-depth expertise to manage all your applications whether they run on the cloud, on-prem, and/or private. All-round outsourcing, which means that the vendor assumes responsibility for the complete management of activities around application support, enhancement, and optimization.

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